Stop smoking with us

Stop smoking with the help of those who have already succeeded before you and return to breathe life deeply.

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Your good intentions will no longer end in ashes

Thanks to the experience of those who have already won his challenge against smoking and constant support that 
Antismoking Therapy® provides, you can finally stop giving up.

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free from cigarettes in just 20 minutes

This is what your money goes up in smoke spent on cigarettes

*Annual forecast based on 1 package from € 6.00 per day, for a total of € 2,372.50.

10 dinners in your
favorite restaurant

The surf course you would have
always wanted to do

A course
as a sommelier

The subscription
annual in your gym

10 cene nel tuo
ristorante preferito
Il corso di surf che 
avresti sempre voluto fare
Un corso
da sommelier
annuale nella tua palestra

Not to mention the price paid by the environment:
smoking adversely affects air pollution e
every lit cigarette extinguishes some hope for a greener future.

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what sets us apart

We accompany you in everything and for tutors

It is words game: it is a concrete commitment. Antismoking Therapy never leaves you alone.
In addition to the Anti-smoking® treatment, we support you by offering you a 360 ° service
that puts you to complete a personal tutor, a life coach and a wellness coach are available.

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Without filters: 
the stories of those who have already made it.

Stop aspiring and start inspiring.
You too, like Beatrice and Claudio, can turn off your addiction
and kindle hope for many other people who struggle to free themselves from the habit of smoking.

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