Why a therapy and not a treatment?

Calling our service a "treatment" would be rather an understatement:
what we offer you is a path in several stages to be faced together, with a wide range of resources at your disposal provision along with all availability and the competence of our tutors. Because we just don't want to offer you a way to quit smoking, but YOUR way to quit smoking, customized according to yours specific needs and requirements.
And above all, forever.

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Four steps

Quitting smoking is the stuff of steps.
Four, to be precise.

The road to quitting your most stubborn vice becomes a downhill one by following these four steps.

let's get to know each other, first of all


At the beginning of your path you will be interviewed by one of our tutors.
This first meeting will have the fundamental objective
to know your history with smoking, the reasons that drive you to want to stop and in general focus on your unique and very personal profile, different from all the others. Based on your specific needs and requirements
we will set up your therapy together, like a tailored suit.

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A revolutionary technology

the new way

If you have never heard of auriculotherapy, it is a little smile, because it concerns your ears.
It is in fact one of the most innovative anti-smoking treatments and is mainly based on the stimulation of some specific points
of the auricle. This stimulation triggers the release and discharge of an enormous amount of
endorphins that are immediately released into the blood, minimizing the physical symptoms associated with smoking abstinence. And all this with just one session.
This is why we at Antismoking Therapy® have chosen it as the treatment of choice within our therapeutic path.
Auriculotherapy will be the foundation on which we will build your definitive freedom from smoking together.
The scientific team headed by Michele Concas has made it stop
15,000 people in 17 years.
Watch the first video of 2005 by Michele Concas.

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dedicate support for one year

You can count on us to never count your cigarettes again

Keeping your willpower solid and supporting you in all possible ways is an essential goal for us at Antismoking Therapy®. For this we offer you the advice of a personal wellness coach (tutor) and organize weekly collective sessions on Zoom where everyone can share their experience and help each other along what we promise will be one of the most rewarding paths of your life.

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Quit smoking without starting to gain weight.

Gaining weight is the main fear of those who finally manage to free themselves from smoking addiction.
And although it is absolutely possible to quit smoking without gaining weight, we at Antismoking Therapy®
we are ready to support you even in this eventuality, offering you a free trial of the exclusive Mosaic Method,
the program that has already produced dramatic results for 120,000 people.

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6 months warranty

If you relapse within six months, the second treatment is free.

The normal anti-smoking products

There are countless anti-smoking products on the market, from patches to pills to solutions of all kinds.
The only certainty, however, at the moment, seems to be that you will continue to spend money to try and try again.

The other treatments

The same goes for the incalculable anti-smoking treatments invented and available to anyone.
Far be it from us to want to deny the possible effectiveness of any alternative other than ours,
but the results appear to be highly variable, subjective and unpredictable.

Antismoking theraphy

Antismoking Therapy®, on the contrary, aims
to be a statistically effective, reliable, innovative and highly customizable method.
This is why we combine the Auriculotherapy treatment with a path supported by tutors and wellness coaches
where listening to everyone's needs, needs and motivations is always at the center.

Antismoking Therapy® 
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